Sonus Interactive

		Some developers like a more text based approach to game creation than selecting actions 
		from a drop down menu, this is why GDE script was created, as a way to write out the actions
		in an event rather than haveing to select them. Every action has a command that can be 
		written instead, and then simply type the parameters for the action in after the command.
		For example, to set the X co-ordinate of an object to 10 you would normally select the add x action
		and then input 10 in the text field available. To perform this same action using GDE script 
		you simply write "addx 10" (all lowercase).
		Once you have written all the actions you want to include in the event, simply click submit.
		A list of all the commands can be accessed by the Commands button in the GDE script window
		which also shows what parameters they need.
		Each parameter is seperated by a space.
		here is an example that could be put in a button press event, that only increases the
		X co-ordinate when the global variable "Moveable" is true.
		if "G" "Movable" "==" "C" "True"
		addx "1"
		If you want to apply the action to another object you simply add a last optional parameter 
		on the end and type the game objects name. For example, here is an example of altering a 
		Game Object called Player's X coordinate if Movable eqauls True.
		if "G" "Movable" "==" "C" "True"
		addx "1" "Player"
		If there are already actions in the event then pressing the GDE script button will covnert all 
		the actions that are currently in the event into GDE script for you to alter or add to, then 
		once once you click submit, the actions are reloaded into the event list.