Sonus Interactive

The First Game Console For The Blind

The Sonus Interactive hand held console for the blind aims to give players a new and immersive gaming experience using only sound.

Computer games have been around since the 1970s and ever since have grown in popularity. Over time computer games have become larger and more complex to the point that they now offer more than a friendly challenge to beat a high score, they have become a form of escape, a way to experience and play our part in a story that immerses us.

The Sonus's goal is to make the users imagination play a greater role in this and bring it to life. To allow us to be kings, soldiers, explorers or whatever our minds can conjure. To follow a story that is not our own using only audio with no visual aspect what so ever.

The sonus not only aims to allow for users to be part of the story but to make their own. The Sonus Team will always strive to make high quality games that bring the player into the worlds we create but we also want others to be able to do the same.

The Sonus Game Development Environment (or G.D.E) is free to download and anything that is created when using it is your intellectual property to do with as you please. It is designed so anyone can use it without the need for any prior programming knowledge. We offer a library of tutorials and written instructions to allow a complete beginner to start producing their own games so they can give life to the ideas in their mind.

To play these games you will need to Sonus Interactive Game Console, a small hand held device capable of running on both battery power and from a plug socket. It has nine buttons that can be used however the game sees fit, four are positioned for directional use intended and the other five as general action buttons.
The console could run anything from small pass time games such as battle ships or snake and ladders to much larger games, where the player must explore a vast open world and meet many interesting characters to complete their objective. The limitations are only your imagination.

The project is currently reaching the end of its prototype stage and moving on to commercial development. During this time we are trying to reach out to people who may have an interest in the Sonus to ensure a solid foundation for it to grow. If this is something you would be interested in please show your support on either our facebook or twitter page by simply liking or following.

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